Bench Marking

Bench Marking

We can offer you the right suggestions and solutions in terms of benchmarking the performance of your machines or products by comparing your process and performance metrics with that of industry standards, and best practices of other companies. We also do a competitive benchmarking by comparing and analyzing your products with that of your direct competitor that again enables us to provide an external perspective on opportunities to improve products, technology, manufacturing and support processes, the product development process, and engineering practices. Our benchmarking methodology follows these steps:

  • Identify or discuss what to benchmark
  • Understand your internal processes
  • Determine companies to evaluate
  • Gather and analyze external data
  • Compare it with your internal data
  • Identify performance gaps and reasons
  • Communicate and Develop an action plan
  • Implement improvements

 We examine the products, use reverse engineering, including tear down study, to understand technology and manufacturing processes and do an in-depth assessment of your competitor’s products or a single benchmark partner. It involves identifying relative performance differences and the reasons that contribute to a higher level of comparative performance. Then we discuss with you to arrive at appropriate action plans for improving the performance, although it does not mean copying competitor’s process. We just need to tweak our own.

In short, we help you to identify the gaps in the processes or design and thereby raise the benchmark as necessary to improve performance.

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