FEA (Static & Dynamic)

FEA (Static & Dynamic)

We use Finite element analysis (FEA) to assist you to predict how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects, and also shows whether or not a product will break, wear out, or work the way it was designed. FEA breaks down systems or machines into component elements and tests forces on those elements in a digital simulation. It greatly helps in prototyping and failure risk analysis.

Static Analysis makes the assumption that your system does not depend on time whereas Dynamic includes it. FEA helps to: 

·        Create more robust and better products
·        Detect the causes of failure in a mechanical system
·        Make a system safer by evaluating the risks of failure under various kind of loadings

Our dynamic and experienced FEA specialists offer best solutions that reduce risks and improve structural strength of the machines/products by simulating moving or non-stationary objects to conduct vibration analysis, NVH analysis, lifting analysis, and multi body dynamics simulation and analysis. Our professional team provides accurate and cost-effective static and dynamic analysis of simple and complex nature within the accepted timeframes. We simulate digital models in actual load conditions with software tools. We perform calculations that comprise of static linear and non-linear tensions and compressions.

In everything we do, we accord primary importance to client satisfaction. We provide top notch static and dynamic analysis services that cater to all the requirements and specifications given by the client.

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