Gauges and Checkers

Gauges and Checkers

We design a comprehensive range of precision measurement instruments that includes design and manufacture of a wide range of Gauges and Checkers at competitive prices. Our designs are of great quality as we follow the guidelines given by ISO and other Industry standards.


Caliper Checker: Our Caliper Checker is designed to perfection meeting IS standards and is used to check accuracy of main scale at regular intervals throughout the range. It is pretty firm and includes stepped slip gauges permanently fixed in inner casing. The Caliper Checker is ideal for in-house periodic calibration of measuring instruments like Vernier Caliper and Height Gauge.

Micrometer Checker: Our Micrometer Checkers are designed to suit calibration and inspection of micrometers at various radial positions and locate errors, if any. For example, small ranges like 0-25 mm micrometers and also for ranges in metric and inch size

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