Test Rigs and Fixtures

Test Rigs and Fixtures

Operational excellence of equipment’s can be achieved by intensive research and development, and achieving the most demanding production quality requirements. That is, the engine or equipment will work efficiently only when each of its components achieves the specified efficiency levels.

This necessitates testing equipment’s that can offer realistic, practical simulations for the entire range of mechanical loads faced by vehicles and units, while allowing rapid recording and analysis of measured values. At Intercept, we analyse the performance of the various components using highly advanced measuring techniques in special test rigs for mechanical and electrical equipment’s.

For example, we use test rigs for analyzing the performance of water purifiers, machines, fuel tanks and so on. Our test rig for water purifier contains quality water tanks fitted with quality pumps and float level controllers, proper electronic system, a water outlet etc.

In fact, a couple of months ago, we used test rigs to identify reasons for a fuel tank leak and fixed it for one of our clients after several tests and monitoring, to confirm its efficacy. In short, we provide testing equipment’s that meet greatest standards of design and technology.

A fixture holds a piece of work in a fixed location and is generally used in milling, turning, boring, welding and grinding operations. And therefore is needed in developing test rigs to hold a component.

Intercept aims to be your reliable partner for test rig technology and the testing tasks. Our portfolio includes consultation services, concept planning, and construction of test rig and maintenance services.

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