Tool Design – Mould and press

Customized Machines

Intercept follows Industry Standards and keeps track of latest technologies and trends in tool design. Our experts gather client requirements in the Product Requirement Specification (PRS) and combine these requirements with standard tool designing techniques and offer end-to-end tool design and development including fixtures, cutting tools, moulds etc.

that involve considering pertinent factors like:

·         The need for the tool
·         Its functioning
·         Size and type of machine tool
·         Number of components
·         Number of times each tool/component may perform its operations
·         Aesthetics of design like shape, colour etc
·         Environmental factors that can affect the tool
·         Type of material
·         Degree of precision required
·         Types and sequence of operations
·         Expected interactions with user or user friendliness
·         Others factors that can affect the tool like building space and surroundings, vibrations etc
·         Availability of requisite technology and logistics
·         Current trends and technical advancements
·         Competitor designs (to be studied, if necessary)
·         Safety standards

We start with Machine Layout Design (MLD) keeping in mind the aforesaid points, which involves proper placements of machines in a manufacturing area or factory space. Our experts ensure robust layout that enables ease of operations, minimizing handling distances and costs, reducing idle time and also reducing machine re positioning and rearrangement time and costs.

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